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Armenian genocide fuels Rogue Machine’s ‘100 Aprils’


The lies that have increasingly flowed into our post-truth era are terrifying stuff, to be sure. Arguably as painful are the omissions of fact — those stubborn denials of the undeniable that echo through the generations.

The refusal of the Turkish government to acknowledge the Armenian genocide of a century ago is the theme fueling Leslie Ayvazian’s play “100 Aprils,” a Rogue Machine production premiering at the MET Theatre.

Director, Michael Arabian approaches his material with his typical assurance in a well-paced, well-acted staging!
By F. Kathleen FoleyJun 22, 2018 | 6:00 AM 

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RECOMMENDED:“Delivers a wry humor in spite of its broad tragic backdrop as it pursues its expression of what happens when people’s sense of justice is denied”

Reviewed by Deborah Klugman
Rogue Machine at The MET Theatre
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“A powerful, intimate look at the effects of violence on a people….100 APRILS raises many issues worthy of serious discussion. 

Playwright Leslie Ayvazian’s 100 APRILS premieres in 2018 at Rogue Machine, just three years after the centennial commemoration of the Armenian genocide. First presented as a staged reading by Center Theatre Group and the Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in April 2015, directed by Michael Arabian.  Here again, Arabian, has done a superb job!  

100 APRILS has been polished into a powerful, intimate look at the effects of violence on a people – even 100 years after the fact. When Adolph Hitler in 1939 asked who currently spoke about the extermination of the Armenians, he inadvertently opened a discussion about a denied history which was supposed to be gently dismissed from memory. And yet 2018 marks an anniversary about events which will never be over and done with for the people who survived or those they touched in life.

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“I love playwright Leslie Ayvazian’s use of language. Michael Arabian (Director) gets the style of the piece exactly right…she gets at something I haven’t seen explored before”Stage and CinemaTheater Review: 100 APRILS (Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles)