Waiting For Godot

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Los Angeles Times
“…Any chance the Taper could produce more revivals of this caliber? Beckett is no doubt right about the confounding ache of existence, but this “Waiting for Godot” provides theatrical hope.”

LA Weekly
“…This is a Godot not to be missed.”

Bob Verini, Variety
“Michael Arabian’s stunning revival never wears the play’s international reputation on its sleeve. The result? It’s difficult to imagine a funnier or more moving “Godot” anytime, anyplace.”
Adam Leipzig, Cultural Weekly
“Every generation waits for its Godot; ours has arrived in the Mark Taper Forum’s mesmerizing new production. Clear as glass and sharp as shards, this Godot is alternately tender and severe, compassionately embracing its characters even as they are surrounded by an endless road, night and nothingness.”
“…Without making any attempt to reinvent the wheel, director Michael Arabian, an unerring five-member cast, and a gifted design team have revisited the 1953 classic, bringing a sparkling vitality to Beckett’s perpetually relevant exploration of the inescapable mysteries and anxieties of our journeys through life.”

OC Register
“…Arabian’s “Godot” milks more mirth out of Beckett’s study of tedium and quiet desperation than any interpretation that I’ve seen.”

Huffington Post
“…Seamlessly weaving elements of burlesque, commedia del-arte and absurdism, the actors under Arabian’s direction illuminate Beckett’s text in ways that are both profound, moving and entertaining.”

B_Gale Godot Taper 1


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